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PickCrafter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a free game that allows you to extract underground resources and then use it to make weapons, armor and tools.

About PickCrafter

Since its release on Google Play by Fiveamp, PickCrafter has reached 10 million downloads on Google Play. If you include other platforms such as Steam, this figure is much higher. This figure is enough to highlight the unique appeal that PickCrafter brings to players.


Digging seemed simple, but it had never been so much fun before playing PickCrafter. During this game, your task is to simply use a stick and dig the bottom to take advantage of the underground resources. way to do it? Use your fingers (any finger, it doesn’t matter), constantly tap the screen to help the bar go underground. Through each layer of soil you can find iron, sand, wood,…

Not only mining and drilling, but sometimes you will have to face the underground “boss”. they will be rats, snakes or wolves. If you are not strong enough to fight them, you will improve your armor, hats and shoes to increase the strength of your character.

In addition, PickCrafter has loose game features. Even if you don’t touch the screen or leave the sport, your options automatically increase. The points you choose are often accustomed to improving personal talents within the Skill Tree, Artifacts.

Find treasures, open chests to search for rare items

You have access to treasures during the mining process. This gives you valuable resources or perhaps a replacement stick. If you have a lot of money, you will use Runic to buy more boxes in the store.

In addition, you will get a lot of items, money and Runic through daily login. This is often a fairly stable source of this game, because everyday gifts are very attractive to you.

Improves your pixels

If you feel that the standard wooden stick that the sport gave you at the beginning is too primitive and outdated, try a replacement stick. Enter Pickaxes (the backpack icon at the bottom of the screen), and if you’ve unlocked it before, select the bar you want.

There are enough 100 types of sticks to explore in the game. Pickaxes are divided into many categories, from General, Rare to Epic and Legendary. Drills such as the Rainbow Pickaxe and Lightning Pickaxe also have some unique skills and effects, making them easier to mine and drill.

Exploit other planets

Go to the Biomes section at the bottom of the screen (map icon) and you will unlock new biomes. After completing the Earth’s biomes such as the Desert and Caves, you will unlock and explore dozens of other planets, such as the Moon, Mars and the Sun.

Classic 16-bit graphics

PickCrafter uses classic 16-bit graphics. Its visuals and gameplay make it easy for players to explore Minecraft, a game of discovery and survival with pixel graphics. Although not sharp and realistic, this image created a strange attraction for the player.

Enter only the shape of a stick on your screen and therefore the color of the soil. The features are elegantly placed at the bottom of the screen, while the cash and pick-up indicators are at the top. When you touch the screen, the color of the soil changes, which indicates that you have dug into different layers of the earth.