Photomath 8.7.0 – Download for Android Free

There are many calculator apps for Android that allow you to solve math problems in a simple way. However, this is perhaps the most complete tool Photomathematics – Camera Calculator, a calculator app that works with our smartphone’s camera.

Solve math operations with your phone’s camera

How this program works is very simple. Simply point your camera at the transaction you want to solve so it can scan it via OCR uses text recognition technology and interprets it to provide you with instant results. The good thing is that not only can it read printouts, but it can also identify handwritten calculations.

It is a great tool for learning math.

At the top of the screen, the user a menu that offers him access to a handheld calculatora camera to scan the operation, a step-by-step solution and a notepad to record all the operations performed by the program.

Key features of this calculator camera are:

  • Calculator with a built-in camera: solve operations by entering them manually or using your device’s camera.
  • Handwriting recognition.
  • A step-by-step guided process with instructions.
  • It is a useful tool for learning as it describes the steps to be taken to solve transactions.
  • Creating graphs and charts.
  • History of operations.

What operations Photomathematics appropriate?

This software can be used for more than simple transactions. You can also use it to solve various types of complex operations. You can work with arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimals, roots, algebraic expressions, systems of equations and quadratic linear equations with absolute values, logarithms, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, derivatives and integrals.

Downloading this APK will give you the full version of the app which is absolutely free. In addition to being available on Android, you can also download it for iPhone, although there is no version for PC. We also cannot share our transactions online.

Updates in the latest version