Penguin Isle 1.41.0 for Android

Penguin Isle is a growing game that calls for providing a beautiful and comfortable living environment for the sweetest colony of penguins. Achieving your goal is to invest your earnings to improve a series of tasks for your attractive black-and-white adventure mates.

When you start the game, you will have a small island and two penguins, one of which will spend time fishing. This is the most important task, but it will help you to earn less money. The money you earn from fishing can be invested in new habitats for more penguins.

In addition to these habitats (which help you make money), you can also breed penguins to earn more hearts. These hearts unlock new technology so that you can reap all the benefits: cheaper housing prices, increase your savings rate, and more.

Penguin Isle is a beautiful free game. The game not only contains attractive visuals, but also offers a gentle approach to action (not even a sign of violence) instead of providing a safe place for penguins to live. In addition, the animals in the game are absolutely attractive.