Packaging Orders 0.5 – Download for Android APK Free

Have you ever wondered how we place orders? prepared in online stores? Well, the kids at Voyant Games Studio have created a very simple game so that we can get an idea and have fun.

A satisfying experience … or maybe not

Packaging Orders is a simple casual game with minimalist 3D graphics, where we are given a task production of boxes with orders placed by customers. Basically, we will be responsible for packing and boxing the right products.

The game is quite simple. The first thing we need to do is grab the box. Then we need to slide the screen and fill it with colored protective bubbles. After that we will have to take the products off the shelves and put them in a box so that they all fit. Finally, it remains to choose a sticker and close the box.

Place your orders correctly.

There isn’t much else that makes it a Very simple game with ASMR features. While both the game and the graphics may be better, downloading the APK file offers us the ideal game to relax and unwind without overdoing anything too complicated.