PackageRadar 3.24 – Download for Android APK Free

No doubt you’ve ordered something online more than once, and here comes the package tracking number, and there’s no way to track it. Downloading the APK file of this tool solves this problem because it can search shipping codes of hundreds of couriers and shipping companies.

How to find shipments of any company

PackageRadar a Russian package tracking program it allows us to find tracking numbers for 235 different shipping companies. In other words, it’s a quick and user-friendly solution for those situations where we’re expecting a delivery and have a tracking number, but we don’t know which shipping company brought it to our house.

A versatile and user-friendly service for tracking postal shipments.

In fact, this application is very similar to the original website, but in a simplified version that is perfectly adapted to mobile devices. In addition, it uses smartphone technology so that we can do this scan barcodes and you don’t need to enter the tracking number manually.

In short, this is a very useful an application that can help us when we are worried about our package. However, we will be looking at ads rather than information about the interface.