ownCloud 2.21.1 – Download for Android APK Free

Most of our lives today are focused on the activities we do on our mobile devices, so it is important to protect it from theft, accidents, or breaches of our privacy. Google, Apple, or Amazon have addressed this unpredictability very well, at least in terms of data security, but we may not have much faith in how they manage the privacy of the files they store.

A server to store our most valuable files

We found an alternative özClouda a service that allows us to have a server to store and manage our data. Thus, thanks to cloud technology, we have a place where we can place files such as videos, pictures, contacts or documents, access them whenever we want from different devices, and protect ourselves from possible damage to the physical memory unit. even protect our privacy.

The application offers a sober and functional navigation interface that allows you to both look (there is a video player, image viewer, and a text file reader …) and edit what we remember. This online file manager conveniently groups all content by format and even allows us to share it with other people by setting access restrictions.