OutFire 1.7.0 for Android – Download

OutFire is a shooting game where you join a team of four players to test and destroy enemies in an opposing group. You do this through scenes filled with items that will be a flag that each team must protect when attacking the enemy zone.

In OutFire, 3D visuals are displayed from a top-down perspective. From a high point of view, you can control a large area of ​​the area with just one glance. This way, you can always detect any movement of the enemy and protect yourself from their fire while raining ammunition on them.

Controls in OutFire are very intuitive, which helps you to be flexible during each attack. On the left side of the screen there are joysticks to control the movements of your characters, and on the right there are movement buttons to shoot or jump. During battles, you can always change weapons or collect items that will restore your health.

There are many different characters that you can unlock when you play a game in OutFire. In the main room you will see a variety of skins that you can use to freely individualize your fighters. All this means is that you can enjoy the thrilling 4v4 battles you are trying to experience more than your opponents. Pay attention to the board at the top of the screen and make sure you do more sabotage than the enemy team.