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The MOD APK version of Otherworld Legends (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) has been released.

Monsters and deadly traps are set everywhere. And behind all this, there is a plan to dominate the dimensions of Asurendra’s dimensions immediately after the heroes are destroyed.

You are one of those heroes, and soon you will be aware of that brutal conspiracy. you will have to prevent it together with other heroes!

Otherworld Legends game is almost like Soul Knight. You control your character, defeating armies of monsters through paths and dungeons.

Otherworld Legends Gameplay 1
Over time, the cartridges of each stage will appear at the top. Overcoming them, you will move on to the next stage, performing another performance from the illusory world of the evil Asurendra.

Of course, the general process of the sport will go like this. But you realize that the problem is gradually increasing with each level. At this time, traps and supernatural elements will appear, attacking the character and injuring him. you will have to do a lot to save most of your life, from choosing characters for each level, improving your power, or replacing more powerful weapons.

According to statistics, Otherworld Legends has enough 90 items that you can simply collect and equip your character. may be armor, protective shields, weapons or pieces of material.

In my experience, weapons are essentially rich. There are many types, from armored gloves, swords, bows and arrows to digging. However, this is not all, because the sport also allows you to combine them to create new weapons with higher attribute points and special abilities.

Characters from other World Legends are a component that helps you win the conflict. they exist in different dimensions of space and time, so their abilities are truly unique and rich. The gathering includes warriors, knights, magicians, ninjas, archers, and magicians. you need to learn the strengths of each character, then choose characters with the right ability to fight at each level.