OsmAnd+ v4.1.7 APK + MOD (Live Unlocked) Download for Android

For those who love to travel, they always want to never get lost or go where they need to go. Therefore, GPS, Map, Navigation, Compass, etc. Necessary tools such as are always reliable companions. But if the user used the phone to replace them, everything would be more convenient. However, there is not always a data connection for GPS to work, so this article will be presented OsmAnd +, an offline map integrated with advanced features to help users navigate easily in any area. The app will also automatically update data and download local maps every time you have an Internet connection. Users can also install the app themselves and have the best travel experience anywhere.

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Traveler-friendly user interface

The essence of OsmAnd is an offline map, which has a simple interface in the form of a miniature map. Around the screen will be toolbars and categories that allow users to easily search anywhere in the world or change the satellite mode. Of course, users can use other features besides maps such as GPS, Navigator and Compass, and even integrate everything into one to ensure its perfect performance. The interface can be personalized as color change, color blindness mode, size or font change. OsmAnd isn’t that simple, but it comes with a lot of cool features for the best user experience, and starts with a flexible but user-friendly interface.

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Almost all other mapping programs require an Internet connection to work properly, but not with OsmAnd, and users can use it anytime, anywhere. The application will automatically update local map information for users even in nearby areas, so that users can easily search for addresses. In other words, you will have all the map information of the world, and users will not have to worry about the lack of information about places, terrain and other things. Not only that, but OsmAnd’s address search system also works smart, because it’s convenient and helps users to quickly find any address in the world.

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OsmAnd is a map that is active anytime, anywhere, and users can interact with it with many special gestures, such as moving your finger to change position, pinching to zoom in, and bending to change the direction of the map. Of course, when a user pinches a map, all map information, such as address, company name, region, and city, is displayed continuously. This will make it easier for users to find key addresses quickly. This application is user friendly, easy to use and flexible for users to have the best travel experience.

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This is a constant automatic feature of the application, because it always stores the user’s moving data anytime, anywhere. This makes it easier for users to track other team members, even avoiding getting lost in unknown places like cities, towns and jungles. Wherever the user goes, the program will even record the time spent in those places.


Are you late for a meeting and want to get to your destination as soon as possible with your current car? Then use OsmAnd’s Offline Navigation feature. This allows the user to use bicycles, cars, public transport, etc. is a feature that helps you get the fastest and most reliable route for your chosen car. It also shows the approximate time, weather factors and more for the user to navigate quickly. . Driving a car is sometimes inconvenient for users, so the program also has a Voice Guide that automatically guides the user on the fastest possible roads.

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If the user is unable to travel around the world, he can travel with the satellite images of the program. More precisely, users can use Mapillaries to look around with high image quality, high resolution and day / night cycle. Yes, users don’t have to go to that exact place; they can use information stored by other users and experience what is written.

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OsmAnd can be viewed as a versatile and convenient map, which allows users to easily navigate in unfamiliar countries and even get lost in the wide streets. Of course, it is also an excellent walking tool, as it can simulate the terrain through 3D drawings and help users travel the safest. If you travel around the world often, OsmAnd will be the perfect choice for you.