Nu Carnival MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Nu Carnival is an 18+ fantasy, gacha and action-based visual novel.

Your protagonist, a designer of toys for adults, arrives in Klein’s world in pure isekai style. As soon as he opens his eyes, he encounters two strange and attractive men who seem to be the cause. They were actually trying to call his teacher, but they made a mistake and called him instead. Thus begins Nu Carnival, an intense adventure where you discover a new world full of fantasy and danger.

Nu Carnival is a gacha and turn-based fighting game. To access new characters, you must first find them through the gacha system. In addition to finding new characters, you’ll want to do your best to win every battle.

Each character in Nu Carnival has a unique power, and you need to keep this in mind to develop a solid strategy. If you withdraw, nothing will happen, but you can definitely lose. Each character also belongs to one of several types: attack, defense and support. While the first few battles are fairly simple and you can automate them, other battles will require some thought-out strategy if you want to win.

Nu Carnival is a game with a careful design, plus a strong erotic component. It’s also funny because it plays with genre tropes and is light-hearted. It strikes the right balance of battles and story, keeping you engaged as you accompany your hero on his journey.

If you’re looking for a well-made, fun and sexy visual novel, download Nu Carnival’s APK right away.