Nova Launcher v7.0.57 MOD APK (Prime )

Nova Launcher Prime (MOD, Patched / Prime Unlocked) is a launcher that can help you optimize the interface of your smartphone completely easily.

If you have a smartphone with Android operating system and want to update the standard interface of your phone in your own style with a new launcher apk, Nova Launcher Prime apk is a great program to use to focus on it. This application will amaze you with beautiful launchers and follow all current trends. Using this Launcher mod apk, you won’t feel that your phone is always defaulted by any interface, but it will inspire users more to use the phone and train for it.


Nova Launcher Prime mode is not a strange name for Android believers today. This program is still very popular and popular. The application has a personalization function and allows users to define new interface styles for their phones. It should be noted that the application always offers each interface style in accordance with world trends and is extremely beautiful and amazes users. If you are tired of the standard interface of your phone manufacturer, this Launcher pro will be able to update the entire interface of your phone. From there, make your phone more boring.


There are many programs on the market today, similar to the Nova Launcher Prime apk. However, this Launcher pro is still considered one of the best interface personalization programs and is trusted by many users. And in rare cases, any program can combine the launch function with gestures like it. Users need to use a few simple actions, such as swiping up or double-tapping, to open and lock the screen very easily and quickly. However, to use this function, you need to enter the settings and set it.


In addition to the Nova Launcher Prime gesture feature, it allows users to quickly start a Google search directly in their browser. You need to touch the screen or slide it from side to side and this finder will automatically appear and serve your needs. Users who use this feature will be more comfortable than ever, and only this application supports Android devices.


Many tech followers have commented that the Nova Launcher Prime apk is great for those who use the Android operating system and download the nova laucher mode or install the nova launcher prime. According to rumors, Launcher pro allows users to better manage their phones, and this is an application that every smartphone should have. The Nova launcher updates your phone’s interface and makes it easier to manage all the data on your phone.


Currently, Nova launcher prime apk allows users to unlock many unique features such as the freedom to personalize each interface on the phone. This means that the user can create new icons or folders in the application box. In addition, you can also adjust bookmarks by sliding over custom settings, shortcuts, or application folders. It can be said that the user demand is very noticeable, and this causes you to use a lot of related applications on your phone and a lot of confusion between applications. Of course, Launcher pro was created to solve this problem and helps to organize the application in an extremely scientific way. You must turn on the tab panel for the drawers to appear on the screen. If you want to change, press and hold the Nova launch button for a few seconds and the edit section will appear.


However, there will be apps that you want to keep on your phone for a long time and don’t want to share or allow others to see. The Nova launcher will help you do this and hide all the programs you need to hide. However, Launcher pro does not support this feature on some regular phones, so if you want to use it, the user must tune the device. To use this feature, simply choose to hide programs in Nova settings, and if you want to use hidden programs again, just use the search bar to find them.


It’s great and you should use Launcher pro and download nova launcher prime, isn’t it? In addition to the features mentioned above, it also gives you a very nice feature: an unread message counter. The Nova launcher will never allow you to miss a message. It will help you to notify unread messages in Gmail, SMS, Hangouts, etc. using TeslaUnread plugins. Even if you almost forgot or didn’t see the news, Launcher pro will remind you regularly. With Nova launcher prime Launcher pro, which is very convenient for Android believers, users will be able to update the entire interface on their phones and use its wonderful features. So you can download the launcher program from Moddroid, as well as Modddroid offers you Launcher mod apk.