Nonogram v6.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts ) Download for Android

Oekaki Logic is a puzzle game in which content and images are encoded in a new way, not with special words or riddles. Another popular name, Nonogram, was also known by another popular name, a popular game in Japan, and later became a widespread trend around the world. The game is simple, where the cells in the network must be colored or left blank according to the numbers on the edge of the network to reveal the hidden image. This puzzle-type figure is a discrete tomography that measures the number of unbroken lines of squares filled in any row or column. If you want to experience this game, then Eyes: Nonogram is a game for you with a lot of great content that can capture you.

Eyes: Nonogram Eyes: Nonogram


Nonogram is a special and live graphic puzzle, where the content is encoded with numbers added horizontally or vertically. Each puzzle is located in randomly sized squares; even players can create their own puzzle in Eyes: Nonogram. The numbers next to each row and column scale have a specific meaning, for example, ‘4 6 8’ for any row. This figure represents the square to be colored, 4 blocks, 6 blocks and 8 blocks, respectively, all on one line and separated by empty squares. The player may not be able to pinpoint the square that needs to be painted for the first time, but must discover the lines to create the final image of the Nonogram game.

Interesting and fascinating PUZZLE GAME

Eyes: The nonogram is a collection of all the puzzles in the picture above; countless puzzles and pictures are perfectly hidden. However, these tests show that Fox, Sparkling Tea, etc. described by simple names such as. Their actual drawings are visible only after the player has successfully deciphered them, which will inspire players to explore all the images inside each puzzle. In the original Nonogram, all the images are re-captured as pixels, and this also applies to this game, but behind them is a big surprise.


Eyes: Monogram will offer many different game modes for players to enjoy and immerse themselves in these visual puzzles. According to the original order of the monogram, all images are encoded in randomly sized squares. But Eyes breaks it and adds a new rule for players to enjoy. Not all images are necessarily square, but can be rectangular or hexagonal on a larger scale. It also comes with a variety of exciting game modes that take the player’s leisure to new heights.

Eyes: Nonogram Eyes: Nonogram


In this game, players have two main mechanisms for deciphering puzzles: color the squares according to the information provided, or delete unnecessary squares in the opposite direction. The player can quickly hold and stretch in a certain direction to paint or draw. The game doesn’t care which method players like, but the results must be 100% accurate in order to unravel the mystery behind them.


After decryption, almost all images are simple pixel images and vibrant colors to bring players a sense of nostalgia. Each image will be different in size, and the higher the pixel ratio, the better the image quality and beauty. However, it is not surprising that the game is hidden after every riddle, and it has a reason to collaborate with countless artists with beautiful brush strokes. If the player successfully deciphers the puzzles, they can unlock colorful pixel images and more vibrant art in 4K quality. The paintings are special, drawn with the endless passion of the artists and easily immerse them in the inner world of paintings. A simple fox will be so beautiful and well-groomed.


Automatic reading has been added to all puzzles and the puzzles will be decrypted automatically, but in a unique way like video time-lapse style. The pictures will gradually open and the squares will be marked resolutely to show the completed official player quickly. However, this feature is optional, and players will not feel happy when they decipher puzzles according to their abilities. Eyes: Monogram is a simple illustrated puzzle game, but it easily attracts players unintentionally with its amazing drawings. The rules of the monogram are simple and straightforward, and players can even create puzzles in this game with their own creations. Players will be helped by a simple puzzle builder, and they can change their pixel art with any metric themselves. However, this game has a different game compared to other puzzles, but it gives players an excellent and relaxing experience.