Ninja Fighting APK v3.0-25 + MOD (Awards) –

Discover stickman ninja legends, martial arts, ultimate skills and uninterrupted one-on-one battles at several locations in Stick Shinobi! Be stronger, faster, more deadly and race against dangerous villains! Join the battle with your favorite manga characters and fight in Shinobi Battles throughout the anime.

Stick Shinobi presents several battle stages in which you and your warriors will take part in different levels from the bottom up. Starting with the Green Jungle, this situation seems very appropriate for fresh Shinobi, but can be more serious when you go deeper. Not only will you not be able to see him fighting in the Forgotten Sand Valley, but irresistible battles will worry you and your shinobi in the mountains! Prepare yourself better, because a moment of carelessness can result in death!
Remember that you have to face the real boss at the end of each map. Cartridges can be naughty, elite ninjas or warriors with extensive experience in long-term wars, which can force you to fight for hours!

Stick Shinobi consists of many powerful ninjas and warriors, so do not hesitate to choose your favorite character and discover this new world. These martial arts masters have unique fighting styles, conspiracy and ultimate ninja skills, so if you can combine the right fighters in the right combination, your phone will get a lot of bright effects that attract people nearby! We want to play like that! More Shinobi, more friends, more fun!
It is also recommended that you increase your volume to get the most out of this game. The sound effects are different for each ninja, so you can feel the intensity of the fight!

– Starting character package, including some key warriors who are reliving your youth.
– 10 maps, 300 levels from easy to difficult, 30 cartridges. Yes, cartridges are more dangerous later!
– Rewards include more power increases!
– Intense battles between deadly ninjas using assassination skills.
– The higher the result, the better the rewards after each level.
Enter this new world of elite ninja, fight for your vitality and fame! It will become one of the best stickman experiences you can have!
Download Stick Shinobi today, enjoy a stick game with your friends, relive those youthful days from your favorite ninja!