Network Tools v11.7.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Modern technology is evolving with the advent of the Wifi network and is becoming the most popular Internet network today. Probably everyone has a Wi-Fi network at home and uses it instead of 4G. However, due to its popularity, there are times when there are hidden threats and thefts. Therefore, people have come to applications to check the security of Wi-Fi networks, and it is a perfect application Fing – Network Toolis a tool to help users check relevant information about internet mines.


If you don’t know, only the computer checks all the data of Wifi, your Android device can still perform the same operations as the PC. In addition, if you feel that your internet speed is weak due to unstable connection or other reason, select Fing. It is the perfect program to check that your internet speed is not a problem. The ultimate goal of the application is to help users control Internet resources to find solutions. The application combines many innovative features and many improvements have been made.

Fing - Network Tools Fing - Network Tools


Having such a masterpiece, Fing will monitor unstable devices leaking into the Internet system and protect your network from intruders. If you feel anything unusual, run the program and perform a network scan to detect bad devices. In this program, the user can permanently block and delete it and cannot reconnect. In other words, anyone who uses your network intentionally is instantly detected. The results of the application will give you the most accurate and impressive speed.


Fing is considered a useful and user-friendly application, and you can use it for your home and business. Best of all, the software is very flexible and helps you find out which bad devices are connected. Every time something unusual and the device breaks down, it immediately alerts you to your phone and email. Notifications are always updated accurately so that users can quickly update the status of their internet system. There are many tricks at home today, such as installing hidden cameras and cracking passwords, so users need to enable the detection function to find out if they are in the above situation. With the application, you will keep your home network secure through regular updates.


When using the application, users are faced with a more compact and optimized interface. Here you can check your internet speed and Wi-Fi speed. From there, analyze application delays and problems. It is unlikely that it can detect the names and properties of devices connected to your network. From there, you automatically block unauthorized devices and automate the entire Internet system.


As everyone knows, Wifi -LAN network is not limited to connected devices, so hundreds of devices will be connected to the Internet at the same time. This causes the network speed to be slow and unstable, gradually losing connectivity. However, Fing will scan them all and show you a complete list of connected devices for your statistics. By using the application in a few seconds, you already know all the information you are looking for. In fact, the program does more than just detect IP addresses. It even helps users manage their status like regular apps.