Neon On MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Neon On is an incredibly fun puzzle game where you have to figure out how to power up the objects you see in each level. If you are looking for a challenging yet thoroughly entertaining game, this option offers you many levels with increasing difficulty.

When you play Neon On for the first time, you will have to complete a short tutorial to help you master the gameplay. To light up the neon figure you see, you need to connect all the wires in the right places and activate all the necessary components to make it light up. Although the game is simple in the beginning, the challenges become increasingly complex as you have to solve the various connection problems that arise.

Neon Then colors are the key to every puzzle. Each digit must be connected to the same color output or it will not work. One of the good things about the game is that the wires are gray in the beginning, so if you want to assign a certain color, you just have to connect it to any of the boxes.

Challenges will test you as you mix different colors to create the final color of each figure. Light all the rooms with the color you need and figure out how to run the wires from one point to another and how to connect them together when necessary.