My Town Airport for Android

My Town Airport is a game in the My Town saga where you spend the day at an airport on some exciting adventures. As is typical in these games, you can see all the characters in the scenario on the display in the upper corner of the screen.

My Town Airport has the same style of graphics as other games in this collection. Even young children can understand the many processes and actions taking place in these buildings intended for passenger plane and aircraft traffic.

By tapping on the arrows that appear in the different scenarios, you can move through each area. This way, you can test all kinds of machines and interact with tons of objects as you help passengers board their planes. In fact, you’ll have to accompany a large cast of characters from the moment they enter the airport until they arrive at their seats on the plane.

My Town Airport is yet another game in this well-known collection of children’s games for Android. This time, you can explore the entire airport as you help people reach their destinations without setbacks.