My Talking Angela 2 v1.6.2.13949 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

My Talking Angela 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) is for girls looking for a cute furry friend with lots of light and funny activities and entertainment.

There are countless different games and genres on the market for people to explore and enjoy and even search for games that suit their interests. However, many games just want to relax and entertain players through activities, and many games will have many new elements for players to immerse themselves in. If you often feel lonely and want to chat with your virtual friend, My Talking Angela 2 will be the right choice. If you are a familiar mobile user, My Talking Tom is very popular and sounds all over the world. However, this game mainly focuses on Tom’s girlfriend Angela and provides more features and new content for users.

My talking angel 2 My talking angel 2


My Talking games are very popular and loved because the game is simple and can be practiced endlessly. The game has no intentional content and just wants to bring a cute and kind friend to everyone, while also understanding girls’ feelings and giving them fun moments. The most effective thing in this game is to perform many other actions or activities to increase the interaction and love between the player and Angela. In the future, players can accompany Angela through the busy streets, shop together and enjoy the feeling of being an active and active girl in modern life.


The comfort and camaraderie that comes from the game is a must, as it gives players a new sense of smart play and creates real interaction for players to explore. Angela is a fun and dynamic cat girl, and players can directly interact with her: touch, swipe and many other actions available in the game. In addition, Angela always has a standard cycle, and she is hungry, wanting to have fun, going out, etc. will interact with the player with his voice or expression. The game has countless small activities for Angela, which makes the game more lively and lively. it’s fun and makes players feel welcome.


Angela is a cat girl, but still has the active personality of a young woman, so the player must meet many conditions to improve her sympathy level and constantly take care of her. The game will feature environment design functionality where players enjoy designing the best houses with available resources. Moreover, the house will be divided into many different rooms, players will have different uses to entertain Angela with many different activities. Every week, the game will update more interesting content and give players more creative options to design their homes.


My Talking Angela 2 has diverse and exciting gameplay, and even provides many engaging and fun mini-games for players to have fun with Angela. In addition, the mini-games will automatically save the player’s progress and they work like a full game. All mini-games are developed and diversified in a variety of ways with many different genres and constantly new content for players to enjoy and explore. As players continue to enjoy it, they will receive more in-game points and money, allowing them to make purchases and improve Angela’s quality of life.


Shopping has always been a popular activity among women and this applies to the application for players to have fun with Angela. The game will build a virtual city with endless attractive options and even divide it into different brands and players will have to travel around the city to reach those places. The game always gives players the latest and outstanding content in the world, such as clothes or jewelry from famous brands, and allows players to explore the world of fashion with Angela. The player can also buy many other items such as items to grow and develop Angela.


Angela’s essence is an active and energetic girl, but can be changed based on the user’s actions and choices. The player can level up Angela by feeding her at the right time and interacting and chatting in real time. Everything feels familiar and friendly, as if the player is talking to a close friend. When the player is busy or not logged in, Angela will inform them about special activities and they can log in and answer all the queries of the cute cat. My Talking Angela 2 is a sequel game to its predecessor, but introduces new elements and engaging content for players to enjoy. Plus, players will get a new, cute and friendly friend that everyone always loves. If you want to raise a cat girl, but want a real friend, download this game right away and start dating Angela.