My Memory APK 1.0 (Full) + Information for Android


My memory APK

The Evil King robs the city and his robot soldiers appear everywhere. Citizens are isolated, some are engaged and forced to leave their homes. They are forced to live in a place surrounded by a huge wall from the rest of the city. Fortunately, children are not alone – they are each other. Fate tries to tear them apart, but their friendship allows them to stay together.

Manage two characters with different abilities. Pair them and don’t let them separate! He can run fast and hit his slingshot, he can hide in the shadows. When they work together as a team, they can overcome all difficulties!


  • A side-scrolling adventure full of action, privacy and various logic puzzles
  • An impressive story of friendship and love in dangerous times
  • Beautiful 2D graphics inspired by simple art
  • Dual mechanics: control one of two characters with different abilities or control them in pairs
  • A grotesque tale mixed with bitter-sweet humor
  • The events in the game are based on factual stories from the Second World War

My memory APK

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