My Fishing World 1.14.106 – Download for Android APK Free

Fishermen often say that fishing is a hobby it’s as relaxing as it is exciting. That’s exactly the feeling this exciting fishing game for mobile devices aims to deliver.

Pack your own fishing rod and enjoy a real fishing experience

My Fishing World a fishing simulator with realistic graphics where we can travel the world and visit beautiful rivers and lakes teeming with life. Your only goal is to enjoy the calm and excitement of fishing while completing a large collection of tropical and freshwater fish.

It’s very simple as a game control is very intuitive (the game even includes a tutorial to guide you through each step). Basically, we have to cast the rod, wait for the bait to sink, and when the fish bites, take it carefully so as not to break the line.

A large selection of fishing equipment of different types and for different purposes.

The very interesting part of this game is that we can make our own fishing rod. However, the various pieces that make it up have a limited number of uses as the pieces wear out, a feature that brings realism to the whole experience.

In short, it involves downloading the APK file real places from all over the world, an album to keep our trophies with detailed information about different weather conditions and their capture. Moreover, you can play without an internet connection.