MuseScore v2.10.12 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

Are you a music lover every day? Want to compose your favorite song? Worried about not knowing how to get started? All your requirements are fulfilled MuseScore: Watch and play sheet music. This is the most effective music composition program for beginners and those who want to feel the melody of music. All features are optimized in small software.

MuseScore: Watch and play report music MuseScore: Watch and play report music


MuseScore is considered to be the only most influential music composer program out there. There is no denying that the application provides the user with countless benefits while using it. No factor restricts the application and is completely free. Maybe it’s pretty simple when users see it, but it’s great when users think about it. For those who are new to composition, it will support 100% of experienced users. All genres are covered in this small program.


The manufacturer’s goal is to help users get used to the application as soon as possible. You have 24 hours a day, but with 20 minutes to start each day, you will gradually improve your skills and gain the right to sing without going through the program. MuseScore allows users to freely compose their favorite music in just 10 minutes.

Instead of trying to figure out where to start to create a complete piece of music, let’s try the application. Not only does it often give you the freedom to compose your favorite music, but it also comes with a lot of practice to help users master the composing work, but users can accumulate the previous knowledge provided. If the first track is a success, share it with your friends or post it on social media to show your debut song.


What makes MuseScore unique is the fact that it allows users to create an unlimited number of music strings with up to 4 sounds, notes or chords and strings up to each level. Once you start using it, you will create different types of songs without emphasizing that they are limited by any component.

The application is built within the intuitive WYSIWYG mode, compressed with advances and optimizations in a minimalist interface. Through the application, users can naturally play music on the basis of the program, send music and notes within the community standard MIDI organization.


If the user feels a problem with the music, return to MuseScore to continue editing and creating the full track. In addition, when you want to make more frequent notes, all transactions can be transferred quickly enough. The application also replaces the user by automatically placing the appropriate note positions on the employee. Not only that, but editing operations such as naming the chorus, correcting spelling mistakes, or adding more blank characters are done in the application.


The app often allows users to focus on writing music for piano, guitar, jazz or studios. In fact, the app has added many notable improvements to allow users to enjoy its spectacular features. For the FLUID synthesizer or the Mountain Dulcimer tool, a 3-string predefined icon has been added by the software for curve and break effects. When the track is finished, save the result as standard MusicXML. Now the program offers significant advantages when you unlock the keys of MuseScore Pro members.