MrBeast TeamSeas 1.02 – Download for Android APK Free

MrBeast is a well-known American Youtuber and a philanthropist known for his appeals to people in exchange for big money. Well, one of his initiatives was to organize Charitable foundation #TeamSeas To clean up the debris in the US seas.

The idea was successful and JasperDev started working to support it this is a cool retro-style game. And, of course, mobile devices. What will we find when we download the APK file?

Go on a pixel adventure to clean up the sea debris

MrBeast TeamSeas a entertaining arcade The game with 2D pixel art style graphics invites us to accompany the famous YouTuber on his titanic work of cleaning up the debris in the seas. The best thing is that we can play both by touching the screen and with the gyroscope of the device.

It’s simple, swim in the endless ocean and pick up trash!

While the game is quite accessible, the title has three difficulty levels (Potato, Normal and RTX). Basically, it’s about everything collect as much garbage MrBeast floats at full speed along the seabed as we can. However, if you hit any of the obstacles, such as a jellyfish, shark, or bomb, the game is over.

All collected garbage can be sold to buy suits, amplifiers and even skins for different characters (MrBeast, Chris, Chandler, Carl Jacobs and Mark Rober). In general, this is a beautiful, friendly and fun game for charity. Plus, it has a very cool and entertaining retro soundtrack.