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Moon Pioneer MOD APK is a game from Voodoo publisher, the name is very popular for many casual games on mobile devices. This time you will play as the leader of the search to discover a new country. But that land is not on Earth, but on the Moon.

Tell us about Moon Pioneer

Collect oil, build factories and explore the whole universe!

Build factories and explore the bear

Many casual games often choose the theme of exploration and construction. The excitement in these games is based on the feeling of winning the adventure we went through. Gather, build yourself, do many different things continuously, increase both quantitatively and qualitatively in people and wealth, and gradually build a real empire. After a while, the excitement increases when you have the opportunity to watch all your efforts bear fruit. It has been transformed from a vacant land into a city, or from a deserted island into the most prosperous commercial town in the country.

I also play a few games in this genre and I must admit that later everything is more similar. The same motive, sometimes the same approach, the same game, items, resources overlap. That’s why there are times when I think such games will be boring in the end.

I thought so until a friend recommended Moon Pioneer to me. This game is really fresh air you should try if you are a little nervous about the construction game genre like me.

Make a difference in the genre of construction games

Nowhere on Earth is the space needed to discover, exploit, and build everything from scratch in Moon Pioneer. It’s on the moon.

Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. Everything you build is on the moon.

In the future, the end of the world will come, and mankind will face more dangers than ever before. There have been a number of reconnaissance and exploration visits, and hundreds of resettlement plans have been discussed. One possibility is on the moon.

To control everything on the surface of the moon, people still have to be protected in large white suits. There is still no life here, there is still no place for people to hide. But luck appeared as the first basic element that could ensure the existence of mankind. Earth sent a team to the moon to carry out a plan to build and relocate people in the future.

You are the leader of this “suicide army”. The mission of the whole team is to collect as much oil as possible on this planet, to build shelters, bases, factories, to use the potential of the Moon and find ways to create life for humans, as well as the energy resources needed for the Earth.


You will have to go through many different difficulties on the way to explore the moon and do everything from the simplest, first and most difficult steps.

But not as complicated as you might think, Moon Pioneer is completely very casual. Your operation is simply touching, dragging and throwing. You, in turn, will do the same. First, when the door of the spacecraft opens, you get out of the spacesuit, put a pedestal to prepare to send an oil rig to the lunar platform. Once you have the drill, you will collect the oil bags.

Then, while waiting for the rig to continue working, you will divide the oil bags behind you into various tasks, such as creating a machine that looks like a training treadmill. Then he called more people from the spacecraft, stopped and ran in those cars. The faster you run, the more people there are, and the more fuel the rig will have to drill to extract more oil. The more oil you have, the more you can add new drilling rigs, produce bricks and cement to continue building other functional factories, build greenhouses to grow vegetables, build an oxygen plant, and generate electricity. The purpose of long-term settlement of people …

There are many things to discover and expand. Gradually, you will master this new planet and go out to explore the vast universe around you.

Record each step forward

Every step you take will change the moon. The main background color of the game also changes accordingly. At first it was gray because there was nothing around, then it was lighter gray. After all, there is a lot of movement on the surface of the moon, and it turns pink, which indicates a positive change in the construction process. The background color, which changes over time, does not affect anything, it just beautifies the game and creates more excitement in the players. However, everyone who has played such games knows that even a small change can bring such a great source of encouragement.

There are some comments that this game is more difficult to play because the amount of resources used does not match the speed of development on the planet, or that many people break the game to get countless resources in the game. But I think these events are available not only in Moon Pioneer, but in all games. If you want to play patiently with your strength, enjoy the game in a fair and transparent way, just keep going and do it slowly, there is no need to hurry.

These types of casual games naturally do not have an element of battle, competition or rivalry. What matters is the personal feeling and the comfort in the mood after the game. There is no end to this, if you know how to balance resources, between mining and spending, development can be endless.

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In short, I consider Moon Pioneer to be very entertaining, light, simple to describe and subtle. There are many levels and forms to explore, the game is very suitable to play in your spare time.