Mini World: Block Art MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Let your imagination run wild and discover an endless world in Mini World: Block Art, a ‘sandbox’ game similar to Minecraft (though it looks better). Play in classic creative mode, where you won’t die and you can create everything on your own, or see how long you can last as a more sensitive character in survival mode. Any mode can be played alone or with other online players.

The game in Mini World: Block Art is very similar to the Minecraft mentioned above. In other words, you can remove blocks from the environment to add them to your inventory, create dozens of different tools from all kinds of materials, and interact with different elements in tones around you. You can create sticks, shovels, swords … but also machine guns, drills, bows and more.

Mini World: Block Art is a great “sandbox” game in every way. This game has not only excellent graphics, but also a large number of elements to interact. Not to mention that you can play on public servers with people from all over the world, or on a private server with just yourself and your friends. You can spend hours, maybe days, playing this great game.