Microsoft Office 16.0.14701.20166 – Download for Android APK Free

Today, we all know that traditional computers have lost their power, and smartphones and all mobile devices have allowed users to work, manage files, or enjoy their free time no matter where they are.

Work comfortably from your mobile phone and share your documents.

However, there are certain types of software and tasks that are difficult to adapt to these changes, such as office suites. Now the giant Microsoft surprises us with a new application for Android Includes three main programs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint which, for obvious reasons, has never been as complete and comfortable as the desktop version, but it is the most suitable for our way of working on touch screens. To do this, they include the features and adaptations listed below.

Office features for mobile devices

  • Combines the most commonly used tools, Word, Excel and Powerpoint in a single program.
  • This allows you to work as a team on Office documents in real time.
  • Contains all kinds of templates to make your job easier.
  • Adapts images to documents, Excel sheets or presentations.
  • The user can easily create PDF files from documents in all three programs.
  • Allows you to read QR codes to access links.
  • The created files can be easily transferred between the phone and other devices or computers.
  • Includes a tool to quickly capture simple Post-it notes.
  • The user can easily sign any PDF file with a fingerprint.

In addition, unlike other types of development offered by Microsoft so far, this is new Microsoft Office for Mobile can be launched instantly for free with many tools for everyday use. If you have a personal, professional, or educational Microsoft account connected to your Office 365 subscription, you’ll get access to more premium features.

Updates on the latest version

  • The change log for this new version has not been released.