MetaMask 3.6.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Cryptocurrency trading is the future. But we must have the right tools to prepare ourselves for the future. When we download the APK file of this program, we can receive, save, send and do cryptocurrency exchange secure using a special browser.

Receive, send, spend and exchange your digital assets.

Everything you need to know to trade with cryptocurrency

MetaMask is a financial instrument for cryptocurrency trading. It has two main functions: token wallet and secure browser for all types of operations.

This means that on the one hand it offers us a digital wallet we manage our cryptocurrencies. Thus, we will be able to buy, send, spend and exchange digital assets and even make payments.

However, on the other hand, the program also has a browser that allows you to securely access sites to trade or explore blockchain applications. In fact, developers assure users that they will always have control over their assets key warehouse.

It provides the easiest and safest way to connect to blockchain applications.

In addition, it allows you to browse all kinds of websites related to the cryptocurrency sector, including news and social pages. If we want to trade with cryptocurrency, we will find it in this program many useful resources, but its technical content can be difficult for beginners.

Updates on the latest version

  • Evaluate updates due to EIP-1559 protocol updates.
  • You can check FIAT conversions for tokens on Plygon and BSC networks.
  • Exchange personalized tokens.
  • Garden adjustments.