Merge Mansion 21.12.13 for Android

Merge Mansion is a casual game where you accompany a young woman to the village to visit her grandmother’s mansion. This place has deteriorated over the years, and it is up to you to use all available resources to fix its flaws and make it as bright as ever.

At Merge Mansion, you will find 3D graphics that allow you to see the movement from a top-down perspective. You don’t have to solve puzzles just to match the elements in this title. To learn more about these characters and their past stories, you should also take part in dialogues between the girl and her grandmother.

The only thing you need to unlock items to repair every corner of this mansion is to solve 3 match puzzles. Using this popular game, you will customize the elements to unlock more objects you can use. Your ultimate goal is to bring beauty and glory to this huge mansion.

Merge Mansion takes you to the territory of this magnificent mansion and urges you to correct all its shortcomings. Leaving the comfort of the city behind, you will have to roll up your sleeves and repair every part of this house while solving fun puzzles.