Merge Kuya Island – Download for Android APK Free

Moths are lovely spirits living on a peaceful island. But one day their the house is ruined and only with the help of the Guardian of the Spirit will they be able to purify it. And this is the role you will take when you download the APK file of this favorite title.

Collect moths and decorate the island

Connect the moth island a favorite puzzle and fusion game with adorable 3D graphics. Your mission is to clear Kuya Island so that it can be a natural paradise again. To do this, you need to make triads of the same elements on the board, and you will have the help of a moth to achieve this goal.

The mechanics are simple, because you can control everything with one finger. However, this is a more complete adventure than other similar ones, so there are different options and elements that you need to pay attention to.

Clean the polluted island with the help of the sweet rabbit, the spirits of the island!

In addition, you will be able to do throughout the game collect different wells, each has its own personality and decorate the island the way you want. Gradually you will clear the world, build a village, and develop a moth to become stronger.

All this a charming hood offers a way to spend a quiet time on an island full of joy, color and surprises. The best thing is that you can play for free.