Merge Anything – Mutant Battle


What is a real champion fighter? Natural talent and innate power? Training time and hours in the gym? The answer is no and no in this wild and crazy casual fighting game, where you can put almost everything, including a kitchen sink, in a mixing bowl, 🥣 combine animal and mineral components into terribly handsome mutant warriors, and then send them out. Call to fight other equally strange cartoon monsters to see what mix of impossible elements come out on top.

Did you get the recipe of the real champion? Maybe you need an extra dash of cola or extra shark fins? Only fun and challenging battles will be announced in this fun, weird, action fighting game.

🦈 If you have it, combine it: From violent wild animals to ordinary household appliances, from computer components to fizzy drinks, from garden tools to deep-sea creatures, the range of ingredients you can adapt and mix to create a terrifying warrior is endless and unpredictable. How effective will the toaster arms and giraffe neck be during the heat of the fight? There is only one way to learn this – combine them in the lab and send them to create a cheerful mess on the battlefield!

🦓 Build a terrible army:
🐙 Strangely handsome: Your warriors can be combined from a variety of unnecessary elements, but thanks to Merge Anything’s fun and stylish cartoon graphics, which give each hero a uniquely admirable look, they are still the most beautiful mutants of the block. Plus, there’s a really entertaining soundtrack to keep them dancing around the ring and making sure all the movements are always spectacular.


If you’re looking for a game that brings something really new and unusual to the mix, fast and crazy, but also a lot of fun, unexpected and exciting, but also amazingly favorite fighting game, then Merge Anything can be just your game. I was waiting. Download Merge Anything now, release your crazy inner scientist, throw everything in the pot, and battle for hours with crazy action and adventure.