Memrise v2021.11.16.0 APK + MOD (Premium Subscription) Download for Android

An amazing language learning experience that everyone should try Learn languages ​​with Memrise with many interesting features. It has useful lessons that allow you to understand the modern language used in practice. In addition, they also interest learners and encourage them to move from one lesson to another. So don’t miss any lessons and adjust your schedule.


The foreign language learning experience in Memrise Language Learning is a pleasure and can motivate users’ self-learning skills to choose their own progress. The application interface is simple to use so you can instantly access and start some lessons. At the same time, one of the factors that this application gives you is that learning does not make you bored.

In particular, the program always revolves around language skills that you will take the time to master. At the same time, it can focus on learning video or audio files for the convenience of users and can help many people, especially those who have lost their knowledge of the foreign language they are learning, feel more attractive than the scary comprehensive information. In other words, you can regain what you lost or continue to learn unfinished.


As mentioned above, players will find interesting lessons that help users focus on simple to complex language skills. At the same time, listening to a word, learning a new word, or knowing the grammatical point in a conversation is something this program can do for you. In addition, as you learn, you will learn how to use this knowledge in an exciting way, and you will have certain impressions to remember them for a long time.

Learning a language with Memrise can be a video file about specific knowledge that you have some experience with. From this video you can read this video, practice understanding it and move on to other videos. After each lesson, you will find reinforcing exercises to apply and remember new words and everyday conversations with complete ease. For your convenience, tests are conducted in a very selective way.

You will not learn one lesson, but you will learn many different lessons, and each lesson will be completely different in languages. The highly valued feature of this program is that if you enjoy the lesson, you will generally find a way to continue it, and you will want to take many different lessons. In other words, you can’t ignore the fact that you are eager to learn something and are completely immersed in the content of the language.


With existing methods of learning foreign languages, you will try to get as close as possible to practical communication in order to have a solid knowledge for future communication. When users are able to access lessons designed for communication that are often used in languages, this is completely visible in this program. In particular, you will be able to use words correctly with correct pronunciation and related grammatical points.

This method of learning is perfectly suitable for many different audiences, especially those who have language problems. They can find comprehensive enjoyable lessons along with stable review solutions in the app to bring back what they forgot. In addition, they will be motivated by the application when performing a certain task every day. It doesn’t have to be a monumental job, it’s just as simple as learning five new words a day.


Users can find many languages ​​such as English, French, and Mongolian in the Language Learning program with Memrise. You can experience it as exciting and challenging as a new language, because it is sometimes far from your language. At the same time, each language will have its own lesson, depending on the characteristics, but it will still serve the same purpose to help learners communicate to some extent.

If you are struggling because you have so much to do and can’t learn, the only way is to use the time to study independently. Also, during the learning process, you will find these times to study classes offline. Classes sometimes don’t take much time, so you can learn at your own pace and make the most of the time you do nothing.