Medieval MOD APK 1.5.8 (Coins) Android


European War 7: Medieval MOD APK

Become a capable general, feel the breathtaking battlefields, conquer the turbulent continent of Europe and build your own empire.

Enjoy countless maneuvers and strategies in this war game, experience the history of the Middle Ages and compose your own epic.

【Game Introduction】

The barbarians invade, the Roman Empire collapses, the European continent suffers from constant wars, and enters a long period known as the Middle Ages.
As time demands, various forces appear, the Vikings, the British, the Franks, the Holy Roman Empire … A number of new wars are coming.
Witness the heroism and historical events that took place between European countries on different battlefields!

【Game Features】

Evaluate the changes of time through hundreds of battles.
14 chapters, more than 120 popular campaigns, 150 countries and forces. Fascinating stories based on historical events, including the rise of Byzantium, the Viking Invasion, the Burning Crusade, and the Hundred Years’ War, take you back to the war-torn Middle Ages.

Experience wars and struggles between countries in the Middle Ages.
In “Barbarian Invasion”, “Rise of Byzantium” and “Legend of the Vikings”, many parties are fighting for the throne. For the first time, the European War was seriously adopting a diplomatic system in the model of conquest involving indefinite camps. Players can use diplomacy to persuade others to join the force. Build cities to increase material production, explore policies to change the direction of the country, change consuls to get more tax revenue. The occurrence of historical events will affect the situation on the battlefield and will complete the mission to win awards on the battlefield.

Hundreds of generals and different armed forces are at your disposal.
There are more than 150 generals, including Frederick I, Saladin and Beowulf. Become legendary commanders like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, I Richard, William Wallace and fight in wars. More than 10 countries have more than 300 major military forces, including more than 30 legendary units such as the Knights Templar, the Knights of Hospitals and the Knights of Teutonic.

There are hundreds of combat vehicles and military equipment to help you win the final victory.
More than 30 combat vehicles and more than 60 military equipment such as Viking Longship, Dromon, Orban’s Cannon help you expand your sphere of influence.

【Priceless Treasures】

The treasures of Pharaoh, John Lakland, Solomon and the Knights Templar await you.

The cloud archive function allows users to change the device without losing data.
Improved audio-visual effects with a new game engine.

【Area mode optimization】
-New added Report feature
-Additional optional conditions on behalf of the area
【General Skills Regulation】
Zangi’s “Leadership” skill was changed to “Fast March”.
【Garden adjustments】
Some bugs fixed (Conquest AI common resurrection problem)

European War 7: Medieval MOD APK