MeChat 3.2.0 – Download for Android APK Free

If flirting isn’t your thing or you want to be enjoy the thrill of flirting, download the APK file of this game and get what you are looking for. Flirt with beautiful characters and chat away.

Flirts that never disappoint

Role play MeChat a mix between a dating app simulator and an interactive romance novel with neat 2D graphics style. As with other similar apps, your goal is to find your soul mate. Or just have a good time.

When you start the game, you need to create a profile with some basic information. Then you will get profiles of cute characters that match you. Depending on your interests, you should follow the classic system of side-swiping profiles until you find someone who catches your eye.

Uncover hidden secrets and greatest joys in various scenarios.

When you click on the heart, there is a match and you can start a conversation. The chat pop-up mimics WhatsApp features, so it’s included statements, photos and even voice recordings.

Needed to connect with your flirt choose the answers and reactions that seem most appropriate. Your decisions directly affect how things unfold, so it’s easy to choose carefully and sincerely. The thing is, you need diamonds to see the best answers and photos, but everything in this life has a price, right?