Master Doctor 3D 1.0.52 – Download for Android APK Free

When someone decides to go to medical school, they probably don’t think about it the craziest circumstances you will have to treat. It turns out that in this game, the strangest things happen to patients, and you will heal them.

It’s all a matter of profession

Master Doctor 3d a medical simulator here you will be a kind of ambulance doctor. At each level, you have to treat, treat, and cure a patient with a specific disease.

Treat patients and become a skilled doctor!

The mechanics are quite accessible, because all movements can be done by clicking on the screen. Planned as a game mini game collectionetc. and you have to do something at every level: treat insect bites, check the patient’s reflexes, look for broken bones, prepare a person for an MRI …

In addition, downloading the APK file offers a light and easy doctor fun especially with a sense of humor. But it’s better to play without an internet connection, be aware.