MARVEL Super War 3.16.0 – Download for Android APK Free

The popularity of Marvel Comics has risen in recent years thanks to films based on the franchise’s characters. To accompany this success, we can now play many official video games, which is one of the latest developments. MARVEL Super War.

Excellent MOBA based on Marvel

This is one This is a mobile 5v5 multiplayer game where you can control different characters from the franchise: Thor, Deadpool, Loki, Hulk … our goal is to destroy our opponent’s base, and at the same time prevent our enemy from doing the same thing to us. So we have to explore the different paths that lead to that base and destroy the towers that protect those paths.

The game is based on a scenario that we can freely explore using different types of attacks, including special powers for our heroes. These special powers will increase as we raise our level, as well as acquire new equipment to improve our hero.

This official game was developed by NetEase and offers us the opportunity to enjoy playing several team game mode. A must have for all Marvel comic book lovers.