Manok Na Pula v5.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

In the Philippines, cockfighting, also known as sabong, is one of the most popular pastimes with a long history. In 1974, the Philippines adopted the Rooster War Act, which included ancient sports in the national cultural heritage list. There are more than 2,500 cockfighting stadiums in the Philippines, and almost every village has its own cockfighting venue. The game I will present today is a rooster fighting simulator launched by a company from the Philippines: Manok na pula. In this game, you can feel to some extent why Filipinos love watching cockfights so much.


Many players have seen cockfighting only on social platforms or on television. Manok na pula mod allows you to experience the unique excitement of cockfighting yourself. After entering the game, the players will have their own cocks and you have to bring the cock to the battlefield and download Happymod where the system will randomly match the opponents for you. Before the official start of the game, players on both sides must use the money in the game as a bet, and the winning side will receive all the money. It’s very simple, but you will feel very nervous and excited during the game because you paid money. After all, everyone wants to make money, not lose it.


The game prepares dozens of sabong for players. These fighting cocks have completely different looks, some have strong muscles, some have beautiful feathers like a phoenix. Each type of cockfight has a different fighting power, but if you want to have a more advanced cockfight, you have to use the money you earn to download it. Download Happymod. At the same time, you can also use the money to upgrade each chicken, and the improved cock will change the look of the fighting cock and the fighting efficiency will be higher. If you want to win the game, you must use your money wisely.


If you do not have enough money to buy a strong fighting cock, Manok na pula (Manok na pula mod 2022) offers you another option. You can buy an egg for less money and spend 21 days to remove it from the egg. Every day for these twenty-one days, you will pour a magic potion on the eggs so that the strong fighting cocks come out of the eggs. “Why 21 days?” you can ask. Because in real life, a hen needs 21 days to turn an egg into a chicken. This entertaining setting gives the game an educational layer. In these 21 days you can feel the miracle of life.


Compared to many games, the theme of Manok na pula is very unique, especially for some players who do not understand the culture of cockfighting. If you belong to this player category, then Manok na pula mod apk gives you a chance to understand the culture of cockfighting. This game is known by many players, and many players wrote a comment on the Google Play store “I depend on this game.” Are you also interested in Manok na pula? If so, you can find and download it on Happymod.

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Manok na pula is a game that gives you a unique cockfighting experience. You will have a very strong opponent in the game, because the match of the game is random. But these experiences will make you stronger and you can fight again. Maybe that’s where the fight is going. Through the above entry, I believe you have some understanding of the Philippine cockfighting culture and this cockfighting simulator Monaco na pula. But you have to enter the game to know more.