Mangasuki APK v1.4b (MOD Pro Unlocked) –

You don’t have time to read manga even though you’re very passionate about it or you can’t find your favorite title at the bookstore? You will need a modern and convenient manga reading application like Mangasuki MOD APK.


A free manga reading application for all levels and all purposes of relaxation

Reading Manga books is reading culture imbued with humanity

Manga genres including manhua, manhwa, and comics are a treasure of culture and art. When enjoying a story, you also enjoy culture, the profound human values ​​of humanity.

But unfortunately, we don’t have much time for it. And we can’t always find many titles at local bookstores or online shopping channels. At this point, a manga application will be one of the best solutions.

What is Mangasuki?

This is a free manga app including manhua, manhwa, and comics. Almost all major genres and titles can be found in Mangasuki, from action, romance, fantasy dreams, funny stories, sad and tragic stories, horror, complex psychology… everything.

The feeling of lightness

One of the biggest obstacles for users in the reading application is the feeling of being a bit heavy when opening it. This unwanted feeling can come from the cumbersome design of the application or the many operations. They are difficult to use, especially in situations where it is necessary to act quickly like when on a moving vehicle… But now you do not need to worry because Mangasuki overcomes this drawback quite easily.

First, it will help you quickly find your favorite manga titles for all ages from children to adults. In any case, you can conveniently use Mangasuki to continue enjoying your unfinished manga. The design of all control and customization features on Mangasuki is convenient and comfortable to understand. Every time you see the icon of the application, you will always feel relieved and ready to enjoy your favorite manga. There are almost no mental or physical barriers when using Mangasuki. Just touch and you can start reading right away.

As a user, I appreciate this convenience and speed. This is also the main reason why I chose Mangasuki.

Free to choose any reading method

In addition to bringing diverse manga titles, the app is also capable of supporting many different reading styles. You can freely choose to read from left to right or vice versa, or you can choose to automatically turn the page after a custom interval. That sounds convenient right. But anyone who reads a lot will understand, sometimes it only takes one more operation to interrupt the whole enjoyment process. It is a small feature detail but, in my opinion, it is very valuable, especially for those who read a large number of stories at the same time.