Magic Manager for Android 25.1 Apk + Mod (Lite).

The magic manager

The magic manager is a magic mask to change the system in an unsystematic way. Can this term be difficult to understand?

A question may arise in your mind, what is magic? Magisk is the best alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSU. Topjohnwu develops Magisk Manager. He is the best developer of magical developers. If you have installed SuperSU on your device, then you may have seen a problem where you cannot run banking applications on Android.

You may be confused about what tuning is? We can say that tuning gives you the privilege to change the software code on the device or install other programs that are not usually allowed by the manufacturer.

Many developers come with a pre-installed magisk in their ROMs. They use Magisk because of its amazing features and the fact that you can use any program without any problems. The standard choice of most developers is now magisk.

Let’s take an example

Suppose you want to run a banking application, and when you open the application, you will receive a notification that your phone is rooted and you will not be able to use this application on your device.

Now to run that program, you will have to root your phone and do your work in that program and re-root your phone with Chainfire SuperSU. Rooting and rooting your device is a very long process and no one likes to do such a big job over and over again.

What if you want to use that banking program urgently? You will not delete the root of your phone again and again. This is why developer Topjohnwu has created a program that hides the root of your device.

How does Magisk Manager work?
Magisk works without a system and the system does not change or modify your partition. If you want to install a banking program or install official OTA updates and more. You can install OTA updates without losing root rights, and everyone needs it. They do not need to be rooted again and again.

Magisk configures your Android device and it is based on phU’s SuperUser. Magisk is an open source root solution for Android. If you want to install magisk, then you can do it with the help of Magisk Manager.

Magisk has a universal unsystematic interface. This means that if you want to create a mod or program, you can do so with the help of magisk. Magisk is basically the same as the Xposed Framework, and Xposed has various modules that you can install on your device.

Unfortunately, the Xposed framework is not available for Android Nougat. You can use Magisk Manager on your device, and the Xposed Framework is integrated into it, and you can install some modules on your device with the help of Magisk Manager. You can hide the root from other programs.

The magic manager

You can install Magisk Manager on any device. If you want to use magisk on your device, then you need a rooted Android device with TWRP recovery. If you do not have TWRP recovery, then you can install the Magisk Manager Android application on your device and enjoy the system without less tuning on your device.

You can use the magisk manager app on rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. If you have a non-rooted Android device, then you can tune your phone with Magisk 14. You need to flash this zip file and you can install Magisk on your device.

Magisk Manager has a download section and you can download the module using the Magisk Manager program. Just swipe left and you can install the magic manager.


  • Hide the magic: If you want to hide the root from apps like Pokemon GO, Android Pay and other banking apps, you can use this feature to hide root access from the app. This feature is disabled, and if you want to activate this option, you can start by reading the instructions above.
  • Download: If you want to install or uninstall Magisk, you can do so with the help of the program. There is no need to search the internet for how to delete it on your device.
  • Super user: If you want to allow or reject any program, you can do so with the help of MagiskSU. This option will only work on a rooted Android device.
  • Modules: There are various modules that are the same as the Xposed Framework, you can install the modules on your device. This feature is available in the magisk manager program. We will explain to you some of the best Magisk modules that you can install on your device.
  • Downloads: There is a download section where you can manage all your repos.
  • Magic Mountain: Magisk allows you to do everything on your system. You can make any changes, but it will not affect the sections of your device.
  • Resetprop: You can make any changes to your system prop files. You can make changes to build.Prop files, including read-only files.
  • These are some of the key features of a wizard. You can install magisk on your device and let us know more features of magisk.

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