Love Story MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

A Love Story is a visual novel where you can create your own character and play the story of friendship, love and dreams.

The first thing players need to do is name their avatar. After this first step, you can decide how you want your character to look by choosing between free dresses and clothes that need diamonds to unlock. Once your character is ready, you can embark on an adventure.

Your character, like many others, went to Hollywood with the dream of becoming an actress. Fortunately, he will not be alone; two of his best friends live there. The girl is a young, experienced Hollywood star, there is nothing new for her. The boy gets angry when your character tells him he has nothing to do with it (very poisonous). How you want these relationships to develop and what your priorities in Hollywood are depends on you.

Depending on the decisions you make in different chapters, you can make friends or fall in love with this or that person. You can also unlock certain secrets, including getting new clothes for your character by unlocking them with the diamonds you get.

Love Story is a visual novel with very good production values, favorite visuals and many dialogues and situations where you can make your own decisions.