Love Sick 1.92.0 – Download for Android Free

Love Sick is a game full of romantic love stories and we can determine the outcome of each of them. It is a conversation adventure in which events will unfold differently depending on our decisions and choices.

Participate in love and luxury stories

Presents us stories different situations of all kinds of tension in which the main characters (always girls) have to face other rivals. We will meet possible lovers, but we will also encounter situations of jealousy … as if we were reading a romantic novel. Therefore, if you are in this literary genre, do not hesitate to download this game.

It all depends on choosing the sentimental attitude you want. Typical first world problems. These are the main features of the game:

  • Different love and luxury stories to choose from.
  • Find your perfect match.
  • Choose the best clothes to look beautiful in each mission.
  • Make decisions that will take the story in one direction or another.
  • Decide which relationship you want to build.