Locket 2.1.21 – Download for Android APK Free

The lock screen usually only serves to display basic information to the user, such as the latest notifications received or the date and time. However, if you want to get the most out of it and give it a better use, there are third-party apps like this one that add the latest news to your screen.

Locket is the best way to stay updated from the lock screen of your Android smartphone. Every time you turn on the screen, the app will offer you the latest news on the topics of your interest. In addition, it learns from your likes and dislikes to deliver increasingly relevant stories.

Get informed today and every day.

Main features

  • Fresh and customized news on your lock screen.
  • High-resolution images to illustrate the contents.
  • Share your interests so the service can learn from you.
  • Ability to explore up to 5 stories without unlocking your smartphone.
  • Lets you save the stories you are interested in for later if you cannot read them at the moment.

However, it should be added that this is an app that has not been updated for several years and its lack of maintenance could lead to unstable operation. So if you are looking for the best information, we recommend you to visit our News and RSS category and download some interesting alternatives such as Feedly, Reddit, or News Break.