LiveScore 5.8 – Download for Android APK Free

Sometimes there are so many sports at the same time that even if you use a TV, laptop and tablet at the same time, it is impossible to watch them all. In such cases, you just have to deal with the account. But what if you can watch them live in real time, even if you’re busy with other things? If you are also a sports fan and you fRecord all live matches that interest you, LiveScore (don’t confuse it with the Eurosport tool) is the software you need.

Live sports results directly from the original source.

At first, this tool may seem a bit confusing, because it shows all the matches played at that moment. each game is played anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Fortunately, he has a certain advantage over European leagues.

Live condition of football, hockey and basketball leagues.

More than just football

This is one of the most positive aspects of this program It’s not just football fans, because you can watch all these sports on the stream to be aware of the smallest details:

  • Football.
  • hockey.
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis.
  • cricket.

Olympic Games, NBA, European tournaments, World Cups, small leagues … Check all the information about any match, live scores, comments, statistics, rankings, rankings, team or player notes. Both related news. Look for the last three days and the next three days, mark matches as favorites, and remember them again whenever you want. If you play sports, but are so tired of football, you can choose one of the other sports, such as default racing, to give preference to notifications.

Updates on the latest version