Little Panda’s Ice Cream Factory MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Little Panda’s Ice Cream Factory is a fun children’s game where you will help a hardworking panda to open an ice cream factory and sell delicious frozen food to his friends!

At Little Panda’s Ice Cream Factory, you will be involved in every step of making delicious ice cream, from mixing ingredients to packaging and selling the finished product. Along the way, you’ll choose which fruits to add and which molds to use, as well as ice cream sticks, toppings, and flavor combinations. Simply choose a flavor and mix it with a sweet cream base to start making ice cream.

Even if you start with just a few flavors, you can use them to unlock more when you sell ice cream and make money! After preparing the base, you can fill the ice cream molds and then freeze and pack your ice cream. There are many different molds to choose from, so choose your favorite and make beautiful popsicles! Once the ice cream is ready, go to your ice cream stand and sell your delicious frozen food to all your animal friends.

Overall, Little Panda’s Ice Cream Factory is a dynamic, fun and very entertaining game, but also with your favorite graphics.