Little Panda Math Genius MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Little Panda Math Genius is an educational game where children can learn basic arithmetic operations. Set an age range and it will be very easy for your children or young friends to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide while having fun.

Little Panda Math Genius has a collection of different games, but beautiful mini-games with overall visual development. In fact, he is proud of the famous Little Panda as the hero of all mini-titles. Thanks to this lovely character, almost every child can have a great time learning math without even realizing it.

In Little Panda Math Genius, you can find games to match elements or solve simple math operations, but Little Panda is guaranteed to have fun in mini-games where he appears with his friends to make you a participant in his adventures. Plus, there are exciting music effects at every level that make every game even more fun.

With Little Panda Math Genius, your kids will start doing their first math problems on their Android device. The wide range of colors, sounds and elements in these puzzles played by Little Panda will make it almost impossible to miss.