LiLi 1.50 – Download for Android APK Free

Zuckerberg, Facebook, Meta, Instagram, and all of these brands are often at the center of some controversy over the use of user data, privacy, or the future of their companies. Despite the controversy, they still have millions of users accessing their products every day.

Instagram, the most popular social network for photos, is a showcase platform for millions of brands, content creators, photographers and personal users. However, many of them ask certain personalization options and additional features not offered by the official version. However, in some cases there are third-party developments that offer these features for a fee, among which we find LiLi.

Quick login with flexible design, easy to use Instagram version.

Key features

Even without the need to log in to a social network, LiLi offers the following features:

  • It allows any user to view profile pictures, photos and videos in Full HD format.
  • The user will be able to save any image in Full HD format and enlarge it after uploading.
  • Stories can be downloaded with one touch.
  • This includes a profile seeker showing profile pictures.
  • It shows full usernames so you can copy them.
  • Users will be able to find out who is included in their profiles.
  • This includes a stealth mode to visit other people’s profiles without being seen.
  • You can create lists of the most visited profiles to access them faster and more easily.