Lifesum Premium/Extra v10.8.1 Free Mod APK Download for Android.

Lifesum is a personal health monitoring program that helps users consume or balance the amount of nutrients in the body to maintain a healthy state. It does not directly track the user, but is useful when providing the necessary information such as supplements, proper nutrition and exercises for the body. In addition, users can customize the entire system and create a health balance list.


Calories are a special form of energy produced by the body when consumed from appropriate dietary sources or foods. Therefore, Lifesum will help users to effectively regulate the number of calories absorbed and burned, helping the body to have a perfect balance between absorption and a healthier body structure. What’s useful is that user-application interaction is elegant and superior, helping people create detailed to-do lists for each day.


The app can’t track the user directly, so they need to update their latest movements to count the calories in their bodies. The user must indicate the amount of food consumed and the program will display a certain amount of calories from the menu. This includes activities such as exercising, running, or doing other high-calorie activities.


Lifesum will provide users with many highly effective recipes to nourish their bodies with the necessary nutrients and calories. All content, whether normal or vegan, is classified; There will be separate recipes to start creating a reasonable food schedule for users. Of course, users can build their own nutrition pyramids, and the program will list all the nutrients and calories that the table can give them.


Exercises that involve vigorous movement are also an effective way for users to balance all the nutrients in the body. Fortunately, the program combines the creator of sensitive and effective exercises that help the body strengthen over time, even for many different muscle areas or parts. All exercises will help users burn calories in the body and create an ideal training system for themselves.

Monitor your heart rate

If users have smart watches, Lifesum will be more effective in real-time monitoring of heart rate and user movements. The application can diagnose diseases in the body through heart rate monitoring and provide effective methods for disease prevention. It also allows them to communicate directly with all functions through a smart watch interface, such as making adjustments or making personal requirements.


Balancing food intake is always a challenge for many people, but the software has been developed by experts to help users balance everything. Of course, there will be a detailed description of the capabilities and importance of each vitamin and more, it will help users to add everything in a certain amount. The system is also synchronized with a diet plan that helps users achieve an energetic and healthy life.

Lifesum is one of the effective options if users want to get rid of the potential dangers of overeating and inactivity. Fortunately, it has many attractive and impressive features and functions that promise to bring positive results to users when creating a life plan.