LifeAfter 1.0.207 – Download for Android APK Free

Mankind has been attacked by a virus that turns many people into zombies. This original plot takes its place After life, a multiplayer survival shooter where you have to do everything you need to survive, fight the infected and be very careful with the rest of the survivors.

Avoid the survivors: form an alliance or attack

Our relationship with the rest of the players will affect our result in the game, because we can form an alliance with them to resist together, but we can also be attacked because they want to seize our belongings.

Anyway, if you are a mobile shooter, we believe that this game is developed by NetEase It is very similar to PUBG in terms of graphics and playability, even if it’s not a battle grand piano, and it will stick to your screen for hours.

  • Do whatever it takes to survive. For this reason, you must collect weapons or create your own weapons.
  • Discover all kinds of landscapes and conditions: from abandoned cities to dark forests.
  • Find and join other survivors.
  • Build a base with the help of your allies to find refuge and protection.

Updates to the latest version