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Life of Mellow MOD APK can help you find some peace on the most stormy days. It is still a day of struggle for life, but now it is so delicate and delicate.

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»Stay alive for as long as possible.
»Enjoy the four chapters
»Gather resources and build many buildings.
»Agriculture & Crafts & Construction & Survival
»Micro-manage and expand your village.

Although it came from MondayOFF, Korea’s most popular mobile game studio, information about Life of Mellow was so rare before it was released that it could even be considered a bit weak compared to the publisher’s previous mass games. But when Life of Mellow was released, it satisfied everyone from young to old, even those interested in other mobile gaming genres.

In addition to the fresh, beautiful and elegant scenery, Life of Mellow also attracts me with the atmosphere and color factors of each season. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are all unique and surprisingly beautiful. As I play, I sit and think, I wish I could leave this bustling city, I wish I had enough faith to find a peaceful place and build everything like this. And now that desire is burning even more …

This also makes sense. You know, we can’t find a comfortable, peaceful survival game like this game that is noisy, noisy, or without fighting all day. The way the game is broadcast is also strange, it is as soft as a new wind in the middle of a noisy mobile gaming forest today.

But not everything is just peaceful. There are things around this land that threaten the simple life you have always dreamed of: harsh winter weather, natural disasters, epidemics, violent wildlife, and a series of difficult events will follow. Do you have the courage to endure and overcome everything? This is the most obvious element of Life of Mellow’s survival.

Each season has its own characteristics and challenges. In the spring, the trees are watery and suitable for planting and raising livestock. Summer is hot, so you need to find a stable source of water as soon as possible before the hottest months. It is becoming increasingly difficult to adapt to the weather in autumn and winter. Some events will happen. You need to be prepared for shelter, food and water stocks in storage, and various contingency plans for planting and livestock.

The character’s ability to learn new life skills is something noteworthy in Life of Mellow. The character of marshmallows looks very gentle, but can acquire various skills to live sustainably, such as creating farm tools, using resources with sticks, shovels, hammers, saws … How to do it yourself, grow and harvest all kinds of crops, wild animals learn to catch. feed … I learned a lot by playing Life of Mellow. I even thought to myself that if one day I was less in such a place, maybe I would do something thanks to this game.