Legend of the Phoenix 2.3.4 for Android

The Phoenix legend is an adventure that gives you control over a girl seeking love and revenge. We are talking about a truly unique game that combines concepts from visual novels, games like Love Nikki, and mechanics seen in strategy games such as “Call Me a Legend.”

After choosing your initial look, you can start your life in ancient China. Your job is to level up your hero by completing common tasks, discovering the story of the game, and encountering other characters. These duels are very fast and depend on your level of penetration.

Navigate through the Phoenix Legends using their menus, as if it were a strategy game for smartphones. The title includes a bunch of text, but you can skip dialogs at any time. However, we do not actually recommend it because you are making decisions that will affect the future of your adventure.

The Legend of Phoenix is ​​a unique video game with an intriguing story that can catch the attention of several dreamy princes. This hood is wrapped in pink and has a really nice character design. In addition, there is a set of clothes to unlock, which can completely change the appearance of your hero.