Latest Royal Vampire APK for Android

Blood line: The Last King Vampire – Another RPG where players collect a group of 6 heroes. The game is vertical and the battles take place in an automatic format, we live only in winter. It is worth noting the graphics in 16-bit style and the plot divided into chapters and missions. Gradually, you gather materials to shoot and summon rare wifes that still differ in their elements. From the beginning, you are given prizes and even quietly given 5-star characters, which is a little more generous than the rest. As for modes, in addition to a maximum of three star story missions, players can join a guild or take part in PvP in the Arena. The designers promise more than 400 characters: brave knights, devil lords, manic buffaloes and even a vaif with a machine gun ready. The most advanced will be able to take part in real-time guild battles.