Kingdom Maker 27.0.3 – Download for Android APK Free

The Creator of the Kingdom a An original strategy game with RPG elements and the subtle low poly graphics that we will be the ruler of a current kingdom. And best of all, we can manage as we want.

You choose how you manage

That is our goal build a medieval kingdom and to protect it from enemy attacks, as well as to control our castle and our personal lives. In other words, there is a place to fight, explore, manage resources, form alliances with other players, betray, promote trade, and even flirt with a king or queen to create our own aristocratic dynasty.

In addition, we will be forced assemble the army and summon strong heroes to help us win on the battlefield. And all this while managing life and responsibilities inside the castle.

Experience your epic saga on a magical, open-world playground ripe for exploration, adventure and storytelling.

All this is complemented by humor and refreshing touches innovative game This creates an interesting turn in the genre by giving us a new perspective on strategy war games. And best of all, the APK is completely free to download.