Killer Bean Unleashed v3.70 Free Mod APK Download for Android.

Killer Bean Unleashed (MOD, 8x Reward / Coins / Ammo) will put you in the worst situation and force you to defend yourself and fight to complete the mission.

Killer Bean Unleashed – An extremely exciting fighting game genre for mobile device users who will not disappoint players with this version of the game. Giving a little information about the plot of the game, Killer Bean is a member of a professional assassin agency, an elite conspirator whose character is trusted by the organization with many important positions. But now that the protagonist has been ruthlessly killed, you must flee and destroy the enemies who are trying to destroy you. You have to stand up for your life, which is really hard, because if you don’t fight, you have to die. Now the biggest task is to destroy anyone who tries to kill you. One bullet per name can destroy them.

Killer Beans Released (MOD, 8x Prize / Coins / Ammunition)


The game is designed with 16 levels of play, from easy to difficult. You have to be really good to win everyone; whether you are really a legendary killer or not. Those who want to kill you are also very good; their skills are commensurate with the level of the game, you are not subjective, or you will die while playing. The struggle for survival is very sacred. You need to know why you were killed.


Become a real Killer Bean warrior by agilely using your character’s existing skills to defeat enemies trying to kill you; every skill is flexible. You need to train regularly every day, because the enemy is getting stronger and stronger. This is a 2D shooter game that is very well crafted from image to sound with a logical story line that draws players more into the game. The game scene is set up in the old school. Combining context and live graphics makes the game more lively.

Killer Beans Released (MOD, 8x Prize / Coins / Ammunition)


The game features very lively scenes from an old school or in the open air, on top of buildings, in warehouses … Of course, the pictures are taken in very subtle, bright colors. Sharper, significantly contributes to the visual and graphics of the game. Site-related illustrations, such as the old school building, building, warehouse, and outdoors, are drawn in detail, including unique colors and color schemes. The real battle scene, the movements of the agile and agile character, the bullets flying in the air destroy each enemy and create excitement in the player. The movement, combined with the sound that is closely included in each dance step, is as fast as flying after each shot and creates a very passionate feeling in people. These weak enemies can’t counter-attack, shoot and mobilize forces for defense, but it’s hard to resist your spells.

Killer Beans Released (MOD, 8x Prize / Coins / Ammunition)


After unlocking all 12 levels, you will gain more power, unique weapons with the ability to hit any type of ammunition; This is not magic, because you can be agile, because ammunition attacks the enemy. As long as you unlock this magic weapon, you can confidently fight all enemies, run and jump fast, and remove all obstacles in front of you. After destroying the enemies, you will receive valuable and valuable generous rewards for future battles. Turn these rewards to upgrade more powerful weapons. For the character you play, improving more skills, improving weapons is invaluable and is very familiar to players.

Killer Beans Released (MOD, 8x Prize / Coins / Ammunition)

The character’s running skills are almost optimal, to be more precise, a double jump in the air, as if the character is flying and shooting at the enemy. Rapid attack operations, which are unable to defend themselves when jumping high and firing at enemies, are some of the optimal skills you should train. You will see how practical this skill is when you fight. If you can destroy all the enemies in the blink of an eye, it is a great joy. After completing quests, unlock rewards as you destroy enemies, collect complete pieces on the map, and finally earn many valuable and useful rewards.

Killer Beans Released (MOD, 8x Prize / Coins / Ammunition)

What are you waiting for? Please download the game to your computer as soon as possible to move quickly, destroy enemy shots quickly, delete the entire map? Let your game moments be even more fun and exciting; our game will not disappoint you. We hope that this product satisfies the player the most. If you need feedback, please let us know in the mail and we will try to change it.